The need for repairs on a roof are often unpredictable and can happen due to a wide range of factors.

Florida’s unpredictable weather and storm seasons can cause major wear and tear on any roofing system. Old or unreliable roofing materials quickly start to deteriorate under the harsh heat of the sun, heavy rain or wind. Even lack of regular roof maintenance can take its toll over time.

From extreme wind damage to long-term wear causing leaks, there are a multitude of reasons you may require roof maintenance:

Benefits of Repairing ASAP

Our team can spot damage that may lead to full roof replacements, but our goal is to efficiently repair damage for the long term if that is what the roof truly needs. Our guarantee is to only sell you the services you actually need and nothing more.  

Of course, small leaks become big problems later. Addressing problems now can save you a lot more trouble down the road. Investing in repairs for your roof can:

Roofing That Works

Roof Preventative Maintenance Program – Starting at $95

Roof problems are discovered, in many cases, until a stain appears on the ceiling or you get a leak.  By this time, damage to the decking, sheetrock, and other parts of the structure have  probably already occurred.  This can create unnecessary costs and significantly reduce the life of your roof.  During your roof inspection, we will determine what your roof really needs – without additional unnecessary services added on top. 

With Hammer Down Development’s Preventative Maintenance Program, you can prevent roofing problems from turning into costly repairs.

Let us put the hammer down on your next project.